Erin K. Guyton, MBA

Erin's most marked characteristic is that she identifies equally with both sides of the brain.  A classically trained portrait artist, she discovered a knack for numbers while working in an office after graduating with a BA in art. 

After more than a decade working in human resources, she spent three years writing employment and training manuals.  She is a co-founder of the Orvis-endorsed fly fishing retail store in historic downtown Frederick, where she worked for ten years. 

After completing a three year assignment assisting a client in expanding a wine business, she sought to unify her creative and analytical skills. 

In 2015, after three decades in the retail, wholesale and service sectors of small business, Erin earned an MBA at the rigorous one-year-full-time MBA program at the College of Charleston.  She achieved a 3.9 GPA and was named "Outstanding Marketing Student" by her professors.  She now specializes in helping business owners track, benchmark and project their profitability, growth and success.