"Business to Business Communications"

Competitive Intelligence and Perceptual Mapping

Investor Plans and Executive Summaries

Market Analysis and Marketing Plans

Financial and Pro Forma Projections

Educational Presentations

Business Plans

One size doesn't fit all.  While DIY business plan templates are user-friendly, they don't necessarily answer the questions "Why you? Why now? Why here?"  We begin with understanding your audience, whether it's a group of investors or a commercial lender, we tailor your plan accordingly.  

We also offer a variety of Á la carte services to meet the needs of clients who may not need A formal business plan or executive summary. 

     We create marketing plans that focus on market analysis and appropriate marketing budget

     For existing businesses who want to consider a number of financial scenerios for the future, we create pro forma projections.

     We create thoughtful and impactful slide presentations for clients who wish to communicate to investors in person.  For clients who dislike speaking in public, we're happy to deliver the presentation.

     Finally, we love giving back to our community and are happy to tailor one of our own educational presentations to an industry or a particular topic.